Newest Love: Youngsmith


Like Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”, Youngsmith’s “Red” at first seems like a simple song. Yet another songwriter singing his wares. But by the end, it reveals a powerful and memorable soul. The new single by this Brisbane songwriter echoes the style of narrative songwriters of the past much like Simon & Garfunkel and writers of that ilk, but with a few rougher edges.

Youngsmith’s music is about getting you in touch with parts of your soul you don’t want to talk to. If you want to remember the song and sing it as loud as you can in your car and actually feel something through the lyrics, its for you. If you want to tap your feet to something, cry to something, hurt to something… this music is for you.

“Red” is a classic mix of folk and rock, sounding better with every listen. The song talks about an old friend of Smith’s he began a relationship with after losing everything. In this dark place, he found hope in an unlikely place. A redheaded girl…. simple in its accompaniment for the first half, urging you to tap your feet to the chorus. It soon breaks down into a strong and beautiful lament, questioning “Red, how’d you do that?”.

Recorded and engineered by Smith in his home studio and mixed by Bryce Moorhead – who’s work currently sits atop the ARIA charts with Violent Soho’s WACO. “Red” includes elements similar to Vance Joy’s “Georgia” or Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”. Laments about life and love.

With a striking film clip by Dan Greatz (Violent Soho, Ball Park Music), “Wither” started a nation wide fan base “Red” plans to expand and build on through its wider sound, unforgettable chorus and upcoming national tour in support of the track.

Smith now has been making his own music for ten years. Having played both in a band and a solo artist, he has produced several EPs, had his work featured and played on national radio, surfing documentaries, in other countries like Germany and the US.

Recently, he’s had his back catalogue added to the Albert & Sons library sharing the digital hallways with the likes of AC/DC and Cold Chisel. Releasing his first single just last year in a combined effort with Shock Records and The A&R Department, “Wither” gained airplay across the country.


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