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Free Download: Boots Electric – “I Love You All The Thyme”

After bestowing the videos for “Boots Electric Theme” and “Complexity” upon us, Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes is sharing a third track from his solo project, Boots Electric. The track finds Hughes showing a different side from his notorious winking, seductive persona that gets all the girls.  Instead, “I Love You All The Thyme” is a moment of genuine pining for someone he loves that seems to have their eye on someone else.  The song is on Honkey Kong (Dangerbird Records), Hughes’ debut album under the Boots Electric moniker.  The album was produced by Tony Hoffer (Beck, Depeche Mode, The Kooks) and co-written with legendary keyboardist Money Mark, best known for his many collaborations with the Beastie Boys.

After creating three albums of dirty and danceable garage rock anthems as the frontman of Eagles of Death Metal,  Hughes expands his sonic palette as Boots Electric while continuing to deliver the hooks that he’s known for.  The electronic drums that kick off opening track “Complexity” immediately signal the new direction.  The track is a mix of glam-pop, keyboard-heavy dance grooves, and Hughes’ signature brand of rock ‘n roll grit that drips with swagger.   Elsewhere, he tries on space-funk synths on the track “Boots Electric” and “Trippy Blob” has some of his most absurdist lyrics yet. Hughes continues to show his earnest side on tracks like “No Ffun” is an honest-to-goodness ballad and “Swallowed by the Night” is a soulful slice of honky tonk gold.  Honkey Kong reveals what many already knew – beneath the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and his charismatic strut, Hughes has always been a gifted pop songwriter at heart.  Boots Electric is coming out of the closet.

Listen/download: Boots Electric – “I Love You All The Thyme”


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