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Can’t Get Enough FØNX

British artist, songwriter and producer FØNX has today released his debut single ‘Can’t Get Enough’, which was produced by Grammy award-winner Tommaso Colliva (Muse).

FØNX explains, “’Can’t Get Enough’ came about whilst I was homeless and sofa surfing for a couple of months and after a very colorful twenty-four hours, I found myself writing initial ideas for the song”.

Drawing influence from the likes of Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, John Mayer and Tame Impala, FØNX delivers R’n’B-infused pop with jazz, funk and soul influences, merging catchy grooves, memorable hooks and intricate guitar licks with inspired lyrical content.

Coming from a musical background FØNX started learning guitar at the age of seven and was soon introduced to rap and hip hop, sparking his enthusiasm to start writing lyrics and create backing tracks from samples.

FØNX continued experimenting with music and film during a number of years of home-schooling and soon enrolled at the Brit School where he studied music.

Since leaving, FØNX has continued writing and producing his music at home, on trains, buses, in coffee shops and backstage before shows, constantly coming up with ideas for melodies and lyrics wherever he went. Playing the live circuit around London and the South East he has also performed at various festivals including Barn on The Farm, Cornbury Festival, Isle Of Wight Festival and Leefest.


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MP3: World Blanket – “And Here We Are (Again Maybe)”

Click to go listen and download "And Here We Are (Again Maybe)"

“World Blanket boomed like a big-riff rock beast, despite acoustic guitar and violin dressing.” – SPIN

This love of edgy, emotionally driven music with over-the-top traditional production values and classic orchestration is the driving force behind the upcoming World Blanket album 2012 (April 3rd, No Applause Records). Joining Mike Pomranz on 2012 is violinist Katherine Fong, a Julliard trained member of the Metropolitan Orchestra (she has also worked with everyone from John Mayer to Tony Bennett), and bassist Dean Moore (formerly of Jive Records band Dirty Blonde).  On drums is Jonathan Flax (also with Freedy Johnston), a co-worker of Pomranz’s at Comedy Central where Pomranz writes for the “Tosh.0” program and earned the credit as the first to post and subsequently create the Rebecca Black “Friday” phenomenon.

The connection notwithstanding, 2012 was not recorded with Ark Music Factory, but with Pete Min, the man behind the boards for the recent hit album by The Airborne Toxic Event. Min had yet to hear the songs for 2012 when the sessions began and the players barely had either. “We met up for two rehearsals and then the four of us got on a plane for L.A.,” reveals Pomranz.  Min wasn’t amused.  “On our third take, he stopped the tape and asked us if we had ever played together before. It was a real kick in the ass.”

The ass kicking worked. 2012 expands on World Blanket’s established mandate of coaxing a huge sound out of acoustic guitars and violin by leaning on a big rock rhythm section and filling the gaps with some well-placed timpani strikes, a few bars of electric guitar and for three songs, the Calder Quartet which has previously contributed strings to The National, Vampire Weekend, Andrew WK, and many others.  “The song ‘Snooze Bar’ was recorded with only the quartet and me on acoustic guitar and vocals,” says Pomranz. “It’s a very Beatles-esque, ‘Yesterday’ arrangement.”

The release of 2012 in 2012 is not just a coincidence. “The record is based around the writings and philosophy of psychedelic drug guru Terence McKenna,” explains Pomranz. “Growing up, I became engrossed in McKenna’s writings, and his perspectives about seeing life in a different light really hit home with me.” Explaining the specific connection to the year “2012”, Pomranz elaborates, saying, “One of McKenna’s best known theories is one that predicts a major transformative event occurring on December 21st, “2012” and this record, both lyrically and musically, is constructed as a preparation for that transformative event, encouraging listeners to come to terms with their own existence and prepare their minds for whatever may lie ahead.”  Pomranz is connected to the numbers inherent in the album’s release date as well. “April 3rd happens to be the date of Terence McKenna’s death and also my birthday.”

With the pending release of 2012, Pomranz has been able to satisfy a love of making rock and roll that had taken a back seat to his life of making comedy. It was meant to be though – if a teenager’s basement reveals a hidden guitar, it’s probably for a reason. 2012 by World Blanket will be released on the band’s own No Applause Records label on April 3rd, “2012”.

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