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New Single: YACHT “Utopia”

YACHT have already released their apocalyptic-themed synth-pop anthem “Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire) and now that
the rapture hasn’t actually destroyed the earth the duo are ready to share its companion track “Utopia.”  Click HERE to give it a listen. Both songs will appear on YACHT’s forthcoming new album and second for DFA Records, Shangri-La (out June 21st).

“Utopia” is both thematically and sonically different from “Dystopia.”  The track is a frantic piece of arty disco funk.  YACHT’s Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans fuse their vocals to create appropriately celestial-sounding harmonies.  Multiple layers of keys, guitars, drums, and more pound away in varying rhythms while the two sing lines like “there’s nothing in the future / it’s up to us to make utopia.”

YACHT will be joining bands like Guided by Voices, Wavves, Atlas Sound, and more as part of Brooklyn’s Northside Festival.  YACHT’s show will be at Music Hall of Williamsburg with Midnight Magic, The Miracles Club, and DFA DJ’s on Sunday,  June 19th.

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New Video from Yacht: The Afterlife

YACHT – The Afterlife from Jona Bechtolt on Vimeo.

Here is a statement from YACHT about the video:

Water baptism is a ritual act which gives people a profound  sense of renewal and rebirth. Baptism initiates, purifies, and gives a name. Baptism need not be dogmatic. It can be, rather, a pure experience of the body: anticipation, cold, shock, brevity, commitment, and emergence, relief. 

YACHT’s video for “the Afterlife,” directed by longtime collaborator Judah Switzer, is an exercise in this new tradition of non-denominational baptism. YACHT is baptized repeatedly in the bodies of water — river, fountain, waterfall, lake — of their home state of Oregon, a physical immersion in a place that has profoundly affected their lives. The raw shock, the pure feeling of cold water on skin, is unflinchingly documented by high-definition RED Cameras operating in slow-motion. 

YACHT demonstrates their commitment to place, ideology, and their project with pure wet vulnerability and symbolic death. The song says, “It’s not a place you go, it’s a place that comes to you.” 

P.S. I’m pretty jealous that Pitchfork called Yacht’s performance “the biggest dance party” at SXSW and I wasn’t there. 😦

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