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Debut Historics Album


Strategies for Apprehension is the Historics new debut album. The band includes many a musicians, including Mickey Madden of Maroon 5. If that doesn’t amuse you, let me ask you to forget I just said that and give the Historics a listen, anyway. Their track “Skin Orders” has nothing Maroon 5-ish about it.

The album is as eclectic as it is distinct, featuring art-rock soundcapes and bittersweet melodies. It’s experimental, catchy, and never boring or similar. For instance, after hearing “Skin Orders” you think you’ve got an idea of the band’s sound. Then, you hear “Two Tons” and most everything you previously thought gets thrown out the window. It’s full of rock with an electronic twinge you didn’t hear in the other song.


Click on the banner above, and if you’re a member of Amie Street — preview the album (particularly “Fanfare” and “Taverns” and DOWNLOAD IT!!!! I am!


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