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Chief – “Breaking Walls”

This song is absolutely AMAZING. It pulls you in from the beginning (which reminded me of Fleetwood Mac) and it keeps you listening with it’s sunny & sad-at-the-same-time melody. Chief released their album Modern Rituals last month, and you can check out the album over at Amie Street and download “Breaking Walls” for free.

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New Releases: Active Child & Au Revoir Simone

If you like Grizzly Bear, have a listen to Active Child’s newest, “Curtis Lane.” My favorites are “When Your Love Is Safe” and “Weight of the World.” If you click the picture above, you can sample the songs on Amazon. If you’re a member over at Amie Street, you can get the whole thing for cheaper than Amazon.


The latest from Au Revoir Simone is an album of remixes. It’s got Neon Indians doing a remix of “Another Likely Story” and Silver Columns remixing “We Are Here.” Two great bands remixing another great band. Check it out! (And same as with Active Child, this one’s available on Amazon by clicking the above image, or you can get it cheaper at Amie Street, too! — Maybe it would be wise to become a member over there! BUT if you get the one from Amazon, there’s an extra track of Tanlines’ remix of “Shadows,” and I am loving Tanlines…soooo…you decide! You could just buy the Tanlines mp3 from Amazon and the rest of the album from Amie Street.) Yay!

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New Music Tuesday: We Are Scientists

The new We Are Scientists album Barbara is out today. It says something when I immediately purchase an album with out even previewing it. That’s what I did just a few minutes ago. Maybe because one of the songs is titled “Pittsburgh”.

UPDATE: Aaaaaaaaaaand they are coming! We Are Scientists are playing a show at Brillobox on Sunday, August 15th. 9:30 pm. $15

Get tix here

Check it out over at Amie Street (and get it for $5 while you still can)!

Track List:

1. Rules Don’t Stop

2. I Don’t Bite

3. Nice Guys

4. Jack & Ginger

5. Pittsburgh

6. Ambition

7. Break It Up

8. Foreign Kicks

9. You Should Learn

10. Central AC


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It Starts with Alex Metric

New (as of just yesterday) is an EP from Alex Metric. It Starts is composed of 4 tracks, the last being the title track remix by Evil Nine. You can buy the mp3’s at Amazon or Amie Street. (If you’re a member at Amie Street, then obviously you’ll wanna buy it there because it’s cheaper!!! Right now it’s under a dollar, but that probably won’t last too long!)

I am not sure why it’s been classified as house, though. Clearly, it’s electronica and I have a hard time hearing any house in the songs. Regardless, it’s some good stuff; I especially am likin’ the title track.

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Debut Historics Album


Strategies for Apprehension is the Historics new debut album. The band includes many a musicians, including Mickey Madden of Maroon 5. If that doesn’t amuse you, let me ask you to forget I just said that and give the Historics a listen, anyway. Their track “Skin Orders” has nothing Maroon 5-ish about it.

The album is as eclectic as it is distinct, featuring art-rock soundcapes and bittersweet melodies. It’s experimental, catchy, and never boring or similar. For instance, after hearing “Skin Orders” you think you’ve got an idea of the band’s sound. Then, you hear “Two Tons” and most everything you previously thought gets thrown out the window. It’s full of rock with an electronic twinge you didn’t hear in the other song.


Click on the banner above, and if you’re a member of Amie Street — preview the album (particularly “Fanfare” and “Taverns” and DOWNLOAD IT!!!! I am!

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Brand New k-os Album!!!

I found k-os’ music to be fresh and uplifting when I first heard it. “Crucial” was a great jam, and so was “Sunday Morning”.

When I signed on to Amie Street today to try to find some new songs, I was excited to see the front page telling about his new album, Yes! I didn’t even know to keep a look out for a new album, and yet there it was!


From Wikipedia:

His music incorporates a wide variety of music genres including but not limited to rap, funk, rock, and reggae. The lyrics frequently focus on promoting a “positive message” while at times expressing criticism of mainstream hip hop culture’s obsession with money, fame and glorification of violence.

The new album has some gems, including a track featuring Nelly Furtado that’s set to the melody of Phantom Planet’s “California”.

Check out the video for another song off Yes!, called “4, 3, 2, 1“.

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