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Check ‘Em Out: My M.O.

In 2011, My M.O. gears up for their second EP Bonfire.

The Brooklyn-based indie-electro band My M.O. unleash their latest video “Bonfire Man,” where they blow off their dead end jobs in the city, high-jack their bosses car and head to Woodstock to reconnect with the forces of nature.

Hailing from all points on the globe (Texas, Australia, Jamaica), My M.O. represents New York City’s convergence of cultures at its best. Erika Buestami aka Enki is a singer and rapper from Australia, who handles lead vocals and bass. Katy Walker is a veteran DJ, originally from Texas, who plays keys, contributes vocals and produces their songs. Dion Mac is a Jamaican-born rocker, who shreds guitar and adds to the medley of vocals. 
Together, they subtly cull their broad range of influences into a tasty indie-pop blend of ethereal beats and saucy lyrics.
My M.O. formed in 2008 after the three frontwomen met through mutual friends while residing in Brooklyn. They started regularly playing live shows on the NYC circuit and released their 6-track debut, Monkey Remix EP via Unemployable Music in August 2010. Their music video for first single “Monkey” created a viral buzz in the blogsphere, garnering a growing fanbase and praise from critics.


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