Dearling Physique

Last month, I posted a video from new band Dearling Physique. Now, the Minneapolis band is the “Artist of the Week” this week on MTV’s new music blog, Iggy. Read their Q & A with Domino Davis by clicking here.

The band’s debut album Deadeye Dealer is out now. Also, they’ll be at SXSW on March 15th when they appear as part of the Art Disaster/Fanatic showcase at Beauty Bar. You can grab a couple free mp3’s by clicking here and heading to

The two singles that have been getting the group attention are “Discipline Your Hands” and “Monster,” both of which are the best from Deadeye Dealer. Though I like the idea of the group and think they’re interesting, those are the only two tracks that got more than 2 stars from me. “Sleep and the Heart” almost gave me nightmares from the demonic, scary sounding voices. Otherwise, they have similarities to Depeche Mode, which is a plus; unfortunately, I just couldn’t get as “into” them as I’d hoped.


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