Video: Desert Stars – “Farewell Decade”


Brooklyn’s Desert Stars have premiered the jewel encrusted, kaleidoscopic video for their song “Farewell Decade”. I’m not the biggest fan of the video, but I’m surely digging the song.

“The song is about a friendship that is over, even though this could be seen as sad, it is a part of growing up.  I wanted to express how when we move on and out of toxic relationships we spring into another dimension, we detangle ourselves, we break free,” explains video director Stephanie Dodes. “It’s a surreal exploration in to the ways in which we are all mirrors and spring boards for one another.”

Desert Stars is comprised of lead vocalist Janelle Best, guitarist and backing vocalist Carrie Ashley Hill, guitarist Eric Altesleben and drummer Gregg Giuffré, a quartet whose music has the effect we only wish Phil Spector had produced for The Jesus and Mary Chain. With twelve tracks of languid harmony and reverb, Habit Shackles (available now) is certain to resonate with fans of Nico, Cat Power and their ilk.


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