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Newest Love: Summer Hearts


Check out Swedish lo-fi solo artist Summer Heart (David Alexander). Expect hazy, sun-bleached tracks that are romantically swoon-worthy.

If you liked “Sleep”, check out the whole EP here.

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For the Love of…Jump Clubb


When you look up any information about Jump Clubb, you’ll find the same press release posted everywhere. Why no other pertinent details? Because Jump Clubb, based in Beverly Hills, wants to remain anonymous. Amazingly, they (whoever ‘they’ are) don’t want to become famous, despite coming from the Hills. Their twitter bio reads: “We make music. That is all you will know.”

So, given that’s all we’ll know, all that’s left to talk about is their music. Their new album The Love of No Dance dropped last month. Comprised of 7 tracks, right now the only place to get it is iTunes. BUT, JC has made a mixtape for us and this mixtape has 5 out of the 7 tracks from the album on it. For the Love of…Mixtape is available through their website for free. It’s about 14 different snippets of tracks and full length Jump Clubb songs all put together in a mix, all coming in a teensy bit shy of a half hour. It’s fantastic.

At first listen, the beginning of the mix failed to intrigue me. The intro and Beat Happening’s “Indian Summer” portion didn’t seem to mesh very well. But, once we got into the Friendly Fires remix, I got into it and stayed into it…almost to the end. Twenty minutes in when the mix hits “Sunlight” by Eric’s Trip, I wondered ‘what the hell’ it was doing in there. Whoever Jump Clubb is must really like that song and wanted to throw it in the mix somewhere. That’s my only conclusion. In between there’s a lot of good stuff, though. I particularly enjoy Peter Bjorn and John’s “It Don’t Move Me” remix by one of the latest phenomenon’s Miike Snow. As far as Jump Clubb’s tracks themselves, I like them all. At least there seems to be something for everyone somewhere in the mix. Here’s a complete listing to For the Love of…Mixtape.

1. Intro
2. Flo Rida – Jump ft. Nelly Furtado (Designer Drugs remix)
3. Beat Happening – Indian Summer
4. Friendly Fires – Jump In The Pool (Thin White Duke remix)
5. Jump Clubb – I’d Rather Be Played
6. Peter Bjorn and John – It Don’t Move Me (Miike Snow remix)
7. Jump Clubb – The Love of No Dance
8.  Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Wake Up! Remix)
9. Jump Clubb – Green Light
10. Major Lazer – Hold The Line (The Unik & Tambour Battant Remix)
11. Jump Clubb – Lets Crush This Party
12. Eric’s Trip – Sunlight
13.  Wolfmother – New Moon Rising (Yacht Remix)
14. Jump Clubb – A Frozen Hug

Oh wait, you wanted to read that press release everyone’s put out there for the world to see? Okay, here it is:

“Meet Jump Clubb. A band from Beverly Hills whose music combines dance, disco, and electronic styles with indie mentalities and vocals straight from the height of the lo-fi era.  Think LCD Soundsystem meets Beat Happening.  Or Hot Chip meets Eric’s Trip.  The juxtaposition melds an interesting style of music that Jump Clubb has coined “No Dance”.  On one hand you have the upbeat soul and funk influence that aims at getting anyone and everyone up and dancing. This mixed with lo-fi and low energy vocals which describe tales of heartbreak and Jump Clubb’s own view of their insecure and superficial hometown creates a wonderful style that urges you to rethink your next trip to the dance floor.  “No Dance” is a musical statement that transcends their city’s physical and mental boundaries and questions the current state of the music listener from LA celebrity to Brooklyn hipster.”

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Sunset Rubdown’s Dragonslayer


Dragonslayer is Sunset Rubdown’s (technically) fourth album, but I’d consider it their third because their first LP was more of a solo project by lead singer Spencer Krug released in 2005. Their second album is when the project became more of an actual band, with their album Shut Up I Am Dreaming. Despite their status as comparatively venerable on tributes to the indie scene, Sunset Rubdown doesn’t get very much attention.

I wasn’t sure what I thought about the album when I first listened to it. Actually, I’m still not sure. I enjoy it, and there’s no doubt that it’s good, but it isn’t likely to fall into my music rotation this summer.

The first song, “Silver Moons”, features a piano and is a good starting point. “Idiot Heart” is quickly becoming one of the most listened to tracks on Dragonslayer. It’s one of the better songs on the album, and some parts even remind me of The Cars. Tracks three and four both sound the same to me and I can skip over them without hesitation. “

“You Go on Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)” is another very likeable song that’s worth mentioning, but my favorite is “Nightingale/December Song.” It begins with drums and sounds just like Mahjongg.

Then, we get a few electro-pop sounds before Krug’s voice bursts onto the scene. You’d never expected this sound to emerge when the song began. At the end of the second verse, Krug croons, “You need the one who slowly burns/and burns to stay alive/In this way you will come find me in December.” Then, we have an instrumental intermission before the third verse that is so riveting you’ll want to play it over and over.

Another point to mention that may (or may not) draw you to have a listen, is that Spencer Krug is also the lead singer in the more widely-known band, Wolf Parade. If you’re a fan of Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective, you especially should give Sunset Rubdown a chance.



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