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Download: Spank Rock ft. Santigold – “Car Song (Shabazz Palaces Remix)”


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Take one of music’s most exciting personalities, Philly-based, Baltimore-bred underground hip-hop impresario Spank Rock, and add the remixing work of some of the industry’s most interesting new voices and the result can be transcendent. This is certainly the case on the upcoming E.I.B.A.E.I.A.F.L (Remixes) EP out today, April 10th on Bad Blood Records.  The EP features remixes of standout tracks from Everything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Liar, including “Car Song,” which features genre-mashing renegade Santigold, and “Nasty,” featuring NOLA bounce godmother Big Freedia.

Download: Spank Rock ft. Santigold – “Car Song (Shabazz Palaces Remix)”

1.  Car Song (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

2.  DTFDADT (Sebastian Remix)

3.  Energy (Jan Driver Remix)

4.  Nasty feat. Big Freedia (Addison Groove Remix)

5.  Nasty feat. Big Freedia (Boys Noize Re-did SCNTST Remix)

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Check Yo Ponytail!

Check Yo Ponytail has had a tremendous run so far on their first ever tour with Spank Rock, Big Freedia, Pictureplane, The Death Set and Franki Chan.  At their first show in Los Angeles, Wavves was a stellar addition to the line up, and Santigold made a special appearance during Spank Rock’s set. With the amazing news of Fun Fun Fun Festival and Pitchfork teaming up to make the festival available for live streaming, everybody will be able to tune into the world of Check Yo Ponytail on Friday November 4th from 5pm CET (which equals, 3pm PST and 6pm EST) on with sets of Pictureplane, Franki Chan, Big Freedia and Spank Rock.

“Though it tends to favor electro, rock, and hip-hop most, the characteristics of a Check Yo Ponytail show go beyond genre limitations. Chan doesn’t care what kind of music an artist or band makes as long as it’s fun and adds to the whole tight-knit, projector screen visual-fueled, dance-minded feel of the evening.”San Francisco Bay Guardian

Fun Fun Fun Fest and Pitchfork announced that the 6th annual festival in Austin, Texas will be streaming live on pitchfork.com November 4 – 6, 2011. This will be the first time ever that the music of Fun Fun Fun Fest, one of the most progressive independent music festivals in the country, will be available live AND to those outside of Austin.

Unlike other music festivals with similar live streams, Fun Fun Fun Fest will present 4 separate streams with each tailored to different musical tastes, streamed live on one of the most widely read music websites in the world that reaches 3.3 million unique visitors each month. Like the Fun Fun Fun Fest stage setups, each stream will provide a different musical experience, from punk and metal to indie rock and electronica, from bounce and hip hop to competitions and comedy. Fans will be able to toggle the streams to cater to their favorite styles of music.

To purchase tickets to the Fest, view the full lineup, and for further updates, go to www.funfunfunfest.com. You can follow the fest on Twitter @funfunfunfest for up-to-the-minute news or you can become a Fun Fun Fun Homie on Facebook @facebook.com/funfunfunfest

Go here to listen/download: Big Freedia – “Excuse” (Flinch Remix)

Go here to listen/download: Spank Rock – #1 Hit (The Death Set Remix)

Live Stream Schedule for Pitchfork.com

Friday November 4th starting at 5pm CET:
Spank Rock @ 6:45pm CET
Big Freedia @ 6:05pm CET
Franki Chan @ 5:30pm CET
Pictureplane @ 5:00pm CET

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Highly Anticipated: Ninjasonik

Ninjasonik – Daylight Remix

The trio Ninjasonik is unleashing a raw and uncut synthesis of styles with their Art School Girls full length debut album via Green Owl / Chief Records due April 20th, 2010. Green Owl is a label that is ahead of the game in itself by respecting the planet both economically and environmentally through sustainable technology, news, and information. 

The Brooklyn trio has established themselves as the next generation of live hip hop by creating a synergy between their rhymes and a newly evolved performance art in the making. Having shared the stage with artists such as Spank Rock, Dan Deacon and The Cool Kids, Ninjasonik has melded enough sounds to bring in fans across all genres. 

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