New Releases: Active Child & Au Revoir Simone

If you like Grizzly Bear, have a listen to Active Child’s newest, “Curtis Lane.” My favorites are “When Your Love Is Safe” and “Weight of the World.” If you click the picture above, you can sample the songs on Amazon. If you’re a member over at Amie Street, you can get the whole thing for cheaper than Amazon.


The latest from Au Revoir Simone is an album of remixes. It’s got Neon Indians doing a remix of “Another Likely Story” and Silver Columns remixing “We Are Here.” Two great bands remixing another great band. Check it out! (And same as with Active Child, this one’s available on Amazon by clicking the above image, or you can get it cheaper at Amie Street, too! — Maybe it would be wise to become a member over there! BUT if you get the one from Amazon, there’s an extra track of Tanlines’ remix of “Shadows,” and I am loving Tanlines…soooo…you decide! You could just buy the Tanlines mp3 from Amazon and the rest of the album from Amie Street.) Yay!

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