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Byron Nash & Plan B: ” A Band Born Out of Pure Friendship and Love For Making Music”

Photo: afayepr.com

Photo: afayepr.com

Byron Nash, a Pittsburgh based musician, has been doing this music thing for a long time. While playing lead guitar of the band Formula412, he worked on writing and recording some ideas and keeping them on the “back-burner” you could say. This “back-burner” was called ‘Plan B’.

After collecting over 10 years of songs and ideas, Nash took some music production courses and eventually started his own music company, BNDEEPendent Music. He and his friend Evan Thorsen had been jamming and hanging out together for years; when they finally decided to play some of their songs live in 2014. After great reception, they were asked the following year to play at Kayafest, a restaurant that was having it’s 20th Year Anniversary block party. They put together a makeshift band of talented musicians and again were met with great praise…enough that they finally decided to go forth full throttle as a band.

All they had to do was come up with their name. It was suggested that their name simply be ‘Nash’, but Byron felt weird about it being just his name. So — ta-da!!! Byron Nash & Plan B it is!

And they’ve got a little bit of something for everyone, too! The band is  “a well-balanced fusion of rocking dual-guitars, funk-and-soul, straight-forward and emotional vocals, simple songwriting, and a little bit of jam-band and fusion mixed in there.”

The band is having a very special release party for their very first EP, The Late Bloomer, this Friday at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls.

Check out the Facebook event HERE

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The Whitest Boy Alive on the Empire of the Sun


Today I’m going to tell you about 2 tracks that I haven’t gotten enough of for the past few days.

I expect that the first one, you may know about. Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream”. It’s been on the blogs the past few months. I actually wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but now I love it. You know what I love even more? The Van She remix. If you are a Hype Machine user/lover, go plug it into the search on their site and give it a listen. Or just click here, lazy ass.

NEXT order of business:

The second song that I have (both are on constant repeat) for you to check out is The Whitest Boy Alive’s “Golden Cage” (Fred Falke remix). Yeaaaaah! This one I expect less people to have heard, but if I may say, I love it more than the previously mentioned Van She mix.

So, today after work when I get home…I will be a dancing fool. Out of my golden cage, and walking on the sun…getting ready to party and bring in the New Year.

Hope everyone does the same. Dance to only those two songs. But, if not; more importantly, have fun and be safe!

Cheers! Happy New Year!

This is you tomorrow: happynewyear-2000

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