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Video: SoSo – “My Women, My Guitars”

Swedish native Soso will release her debut album That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China, May 1, 2012. Today Soso releases the companion video to her power pop version of cult legend Cody ChesnuTT’s song “My Women My Guitars” which PerezHilton recently noted has “hints of Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse”.

This is soooooooooooo good!!!” – PerezHilton

Soso shifts from an Adele-brand of defeatism to Beyoncé’s confidence in just a few chords.” – Interview Magazine

“Soso is Swedish superpower composed of Monica Belluci’s face, Robyn’s voice and Adele’s heartbreak.” – RCRD LBL

That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China features single “Who’s Gonna Love Me,” a slow-building pop gem that battles intimate issues like insecurity and abandonment, with a “fuck-you” attitude. “Happy People” is a soulful and bittersweet song evoking an earlier time, when life was simple and free from complication. “Joaquin Phoenix” is a one-take-love-song to the decadent actor that Soso recorded impulsively after watching his mockumentary “I’m Still Here” in 2010. The record is also cut with a number of lush preludes and semi-instrumentals, including “Sab Lackath,” on which Soso recorded herself crying and edited it into rhythmic beats. It is clear that within the parameters of her technique, Soso truly invites us to her inner most private places.


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NEW Free Download: YELLE’s “Safari Disco Club”

French dance-pop purveyors Yelle return with their long awaited second album, the exotically addictive Safari Disco Club (to be released March 29). Adding depth and experience to the sweet & sour pop cocktail found on their acclaimed 2007 debut Pop-Up, Yelle find themselves in a more reflective mood and have learned a few new tricks during their time off. Katy Perry asked them to remix her hit single “Hot n Cold” which has led to them supporting her UK tour in April.
Yelle is fronted and named by Yelle, aka Julie Budet, a sparky gamine with a deceptively demure schoolgirl voice. Yelle first arrived amid a flurry of 80’s inspired pop, with the likes of CSS and New Young Pony Club all revered for their take on brightly colored electro. Pop-Up stood out from the crowd with its wry, frothy and unashamedly fun outlook. This infectious appeal not only led to work with Robyn and Katy Perry, but gained them fans in fellow musicians such as M.I.A. and Mika, as well as mainstream personalities like Perez Hilton and Jessica Alba.
The new album’s first single and title track “Safari Disco Club” starts with Yelle’s signature bubblegum pop, but soon shifts into a darker sound with a sweeping synth backed by moody dancehall beats. It signals that the innocent and fun part of the party has moved into a more wild and chaotic scene, as Yelle sings over the madness, “the animals all dance in the safari disco club.”
If Pop-Up was a breakout set of fun-loving bawdy pop, Safari Disco Club is it’s sharper, wiser sibling. It’s an album that takes us on a captivating journey, with as much ingenuity, beauty and mystery as Pop-Up had sparkle and fun.

Download “Safari Disco Club”


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Perez Likes It


Eight years ago, Miss Kittin & The Hacker electrified with their track, “Frank Sinatra” which had fans ranging from Marilyn Manson to Elton John! After one album they both moved along in separate directions pursuing solo careers. But, now they are back with a new album called TWO that’s set to come out next month.


This collaboration is said to be more mature electronica with a poppiness glint to it. The video for their new single “1000 Dreams” is posted on Perez Hilton’s site, which you can watch by clicking here. Though Perez likes it, it seems that a lot of his readers would rather go with out. But, you of course are your own judge. So “dream on”!

The new album also features a cover of Elvis’ “Suspicious Minds”*. You can check out that video on YouTube by clicking here.

Even if it seems like something you’re not into, check them out anyways. I mean, Miss Kittin & The Hacker ARE predicted to be one of THE great electronic music events of 2009. You’ll want to know what everyone’s talking about.


*Might I mention that “Suspicious Minds” seems to be hot on the cover list again as of late. Rusted Root has their version on their new album Stereo Rodeo, too.

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