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Video: Teddybears – “Sunshine”

 I love Teddybears. The group and the bears. And now, the group returns with a psychedelic summer jam, “Sunshine” (out now via Big Beat Records) which highlights their signature—pop x electronica x rock n’ roll x hip-hop x reggae x punk—and arrives with a video to accompany that shares an outrageous mix of themes and color schemes.

Featuring Jamaican dancehall star Natalie Storm and Swedish musician Kee Marcello (hailing from mega-bands Europe and Hellacopters); smashing a drum-kit made of ice, this playful video, combined with equal parts electric guitar, gold lamé, and neon illustrations is simply fun to watch – and definitely not like anything else you’ll see all day.

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Newest Love: Deluka

Deluka is the new sensation from the UK. Led by Ellie Innocenti, their songs have already gotten attention all over the place, including on MTV’s “The City” and the 2009 VMAs. Deluka are an English electronic, indie band, whose sound has been likened to nearly every genre from Punk to Disco, Electro to indie and New Wave to No Wave. Deluka’s fresh new sound is the eclectic evolution of Birmingham’s storied pedigree, a perfect storm of fluid electronic beats and hailing rock riffs, pulsating bass and breathtaking vocals.

NME calls it, “Girl-charged electro-skuzz punk, akin to Ladytron snacking on The Killers for brunch.”  

They’re set to play a couple shows here in the US this year, and their debut album will be out soon. BUT, until then, click here to listen to the track “Cascade”

The Viper Room
Brooklyn Bowl
Harper’s Ferry
The Warehouse


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R.I.P. Jay Reatard

Jay Reatard “I’m Watching You” live @ Criminal Records

On Wednesday, the world lost a great alt punk musician way before his time. Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. (aka Jay Reatard) was found dead in his Memphis home at the young age of 29. Police are looking into his death as a homicide, though the exact reason for death hasn’t yet been determined. He’s been making music since ’98 but hadn’t really been noticed until his 2006 album release Blood Visions.

All of last year, I was always seeing his name in all the music blogs. He just played a show here in Pittsburgh in November at Brillobox. His 2009 release, Watch Me Fall, is a great album. It always sucks when someone is taken away before really being able to enjoy what their talents have made for themselves.

The video above is just from last month (December 3, 2009).

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Mad Caddies Show

I'm no photographer, but I tried!

As soon as I found out punk-ska group Mad Caddies were coming to town, I was pulling out the datebook and marking it down. I’ve been a fan for years, and had no idea that they were even touring.

The band formed in 1995 in California, and they’ve got 6 albums to date. (They’ve also got 6 band members…what if they added on a bandmate for every new album? Hmmm…)

Anyways, I told some friends about the show and convinced them to come. A couple of them didn’t know their music, and asked what kind they play. That’s actually a tougher question that you’d originally think. I mean, they are ska. They are punk. But, they’re also many others in between such as swing, reggae, and jazz. Put it all together in a blender and you’ve got a MAD freakin’ time!

I prepared for the show for about a week by digging out my old Caddies albums and dancing around my apartment. I was really pumped. The night of the show I had sushi and cocktails beforehand and got to the venue right in time. The band had just started their first song of the set.

The crowd was perfect. What made it even more awesome was that a lot of them knew the words to the songs! Hooray! The band did a great job of being lively on stage, especially Ed Hernandez on his trombone. He stood out on the edge poking that thing out into the crowd, lovingly. There were at total of 3 songs that I was praying to hear: “Wet Dog”, “Backyard”, and “Drinking for 11”. They DID play the latter (which I figured there was a good  chance of hearing that one because it may very well be their most popular song), and I DID love dancing and singing the words. I tried to yell out to them “WET DOG! WET DOG!” but they couldn’t hear me.

Regardless of not hearing the other 2 songs, they did play a brand new song and they still put on a great show. They made a couple new fans in my friends out of it, too. AND if I heard correctly, they’re planning to come out with a new album next year!

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