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Newest Love: Rondo Mo – “Overflow”

“Overflow” marks the first official release of Rondo Mo, the pseudonym of South-Londoner Robbie Redway. With his distinctive blend of dark, soulful electronica, this is unmistakably the sound of a promising new artist. The vocalist, producer and instrumentalist excels in creating a mood  that can appeal to both dance lovers and a more indie audience, with even a nod to a darker R&B form. Reminiscent of acts such as Caribou, LCD Soundsystem and Bob Moses, this style of connecting electronic and acoustic sensibilities is having somewhat of a renaissance period and Rondo Mo reveals himself to be a very welcome addition to the fold. He manages to channel the sound, rather than imitate, and completely envelopes the listener in his world of shadowy synths and melodies.
The track begins with a deep bass pulse heard far in the distance, before Redway’s voice creates a light for the listener to use to navigate. The sultry vocals and growing instrumentals build on a track that begins in darkness, while maintaining a sense of danger with lyrics of going in “way above my head”. The spacious washes and lone piano keys add a level of anticipation before the listener is hit with the beat. “Overflow” offers an eclectic mixture of sounds throughout, juxtaposing a darker subject matter with a groovy bassline and snaps. There are also moments where Redway’s driven production is punctuated with more emotive breakdowns, the airy textures giving space for the vocals to take control, and the track ultimately ending with the appropriate emotional climax.
The story of Rondo Mo begins in Cornwall rather than his native London. After a wide range of collaborative work, from releasing an album with house don Midland to touring as a session member of alt-folk band To Kill A King, Redway found himself in a ‘stylistic bewilderment’ and took to the reclusive Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. Setting up in a remote barn, with no human contact and only the bleak moorland landscape for company for six weeks, he began working to reign in on a sound influenced by the limited vinyl collection he brought with him. Redway integrated the best elements of seventies’ soul and contemporary house music with a more cyncial vibe of eighties electronica, culminating in a sound delicately positioned between a confident dance sound and a moody underlay of  indie music. “Overflow” is a striking introduction to Rondo Mo, and a piece of music that affirms the intrigue surrounding this artist.

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Video: Teddybears – “Sunshine”

 I love Teddybears. The group and the bears. And now, the group returns with a psychedelic summer jam, “Sunshine” (out now via Big Beat Records) which highlights their signature—pop x electronica x rock n’ roll x hip-hop x reggae x punk—and arrives with a video to accompany that shares an outrageous mix of themes and color schemes.

Featuring Jamaican dancehall star Natalie Storm and Swedish musician Kee Marcello (hailing from mega-bands Europe and Hellacopters); smashing a drum-kit made of ice, this playful video, combined with equal parts electric guitar, gold lamé, and neon illustrations is simply fun to watch – and definitely not like anything else you’ll see all day.

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Video: Black Strobe – “Boogie in Zero Gravity”

a steamy, sweaty basement jam streaked with rivulets of disco-funk.”SPIN Magazine

Jazzy electronica? Yes, please!

Black Strobe released EP Boogie in Zero Gravity, the third and strongest in a series of EP releases this year on Black Strobe Records. Black Strobe, a phrase which aptly calls to mind a darker envisioning of airy, superficial dance music, is spearheaded by prolific musician Arnaud Rebotini. The EP builds off Rebotini’s record as a pioneering artist in the genre of post-apocalyptic electronica, as well as his 2007 foray into blues-rock with the acclaimed LP Burn Your Own Church. Rebotini does not hesitate to blend elements of both genres on this new EP – creating an addictively groovy mix of jazzy riffs and ambient electronica beats where smoky vocals and blues guitar solos are just as prominent as the irresistible beat loops that put Black Strobe’s name on the map back in the 90’s. The EP also features four stellar remixes from nu-disco producers all over the world – listen to them now!

Listen: Black Strobe – “Boogie in Zero Gravity” (Extended Version + Remixes)

A prelude to a single release in November and a brand new full length in 2013, Boogie in Zero Gravity represents not just the next step in the journey of an electronic legend but the birth of a new, funky and uncontrived house sound that is bound to explode upon its release into the world of EDM.

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New Video: Dearling Physique’s “Discipline Your Hands”

From press release:

The clip itself depicts Mae, the primary subject of the band’s debut Deadeye Dealer album, in various ages, being confronted with memories. These memories are competing for attention while singer Domino Davis attempts to guide Mae into confronting them. The video also touches on duality and identity conflict.

A hybrid of mysterious, sensual rhythms; a soundtrack for the dark untraveled corners hidden beneath the gentle reflections of a pulsating metropolis…such is the musical landscape of Minneapolis band, Dearling Physique. Avant-garde but accessible, dark yet uplifting, Dearling Physique is a band that manipulates genres, effortlessly gliding between ambient sounds and electronica, from alt pop to soul, while defying preconceived notions of conventional music. 

The album will be released next week, but for now you can grab a free download of “Discipline Your Hands,” here.

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It Starts with Alex Metric

New (as of just yesterday) is an EP from Alex Metric. It Starts is composed of 4 tracks, the last being the title track remix by Evil Nine. You can buy the mp3’s at Amazon or Amie Street. (If you’re a member at Amie Street, then obviously you’ll wanna buy it there because it’s cheaper!!! Right now it’s under a dollar, but that probably won’t last too long!)

I am not sure why it’s been classified as house, though. Clearly, it’s electronica and I have a hard time hearing any house in the songs. Regardless, it’s some good stuff; I especially am likin’ the title track.

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New Diplo!


If you’re a fan of Diplo like me, then you were probably pretty happy when his new album came out earlier this month.

Diplo is DJ Wes Pentz who is originally from Philly (which I did not know). For his debut only being 5 years ago, Diplo is a pretty big influence in the remixing world. There aren’t too many of his works that I don’t like. That’s why I was just a tad disappointed with his newest release Decent Work for Decent Play.

Coming in with 12 songs (good), the album is only about 41 minutes long (not good)! Usually we’re used to having an average of 5 minute long tracks especially in this genre. But, some of them are just past the 2 minute mark. The first track off the album is Diplo’s “Newsflash” featuring Sandra Melody. I really like the song; does anyone remember Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo? The very original? And the scenes where you had to go through the castle to find and defeat Koopa? That’s what this song reminds me of. Good stuff.

Second, is a Spank Rock song. “Put that Pussy on me” is a decent song. I recognized it from Girl Talk using parts of it in one of his tracks on his newest album Feed the Animals.

I don’t know for sure what it is about the third song, but I love it. It’s all Diplo himself and the name of the song is “200”. That’s that.

Samim’s “Heater” is one of those happy dance songs. I’d already heard it on my Sirius one day, and had it downloaded. So, it was nice to know that I already knew one of the tracks.

There’s a couple I could go without hearing more than a few times, though. “Way More Brazil” starts out awesome, but loses it’s shine. “Smash a Kangaroo” is another one I am not super into. Interesting title though, huh? I like that. Pretty much, when you listen to the album, the first half gets you going and loving it. Then, the second part kind of slows you down to where you’re half moving, and staring at the speakers wondering, “What’s going on?!”

I’d also like to add that “Baby” featuring Vybz Kartel has some more Nintendo sounds in it. This time, it sounds like Super Mario Bros. 3. Particularly when Mario is underwater. Am I imagining this? Am I subconsciously longing for my childhood days of playing old-school Nintendo for hours? I don’t think so…but maybe Diplo is?!

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