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Looking Ahead to 2014

Here’s some upcoming titles that I am excited about for the new year!

broken_bells_after_the_discoBroken Bells – After The Disco (January 14, 2014)

bombay-bicycle-club-so-long-see-you-tomorrow-678x678Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow (February 4, 2014)

images (1)Gardens & Villa – Dunes (February 4, 2014)

PhantogramPhantogram – Voices (February 18, 2014)

images (2)

Elbow – (Currently untitled with working title All At Once) (March 10, 2014)

MetronomyMetronomy – Love Letters (March 10, 2014)

download (1)

Kaiser Chiefs – Education, Education & War (April 1, 2014)


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Check It Out: Waxploitation / ZZK Compilation

“Whether it’s making thousands of European ravers lose their shit at Roskilde, winning over tents of sunburned Americans at Coachella, or inspiring Argentines to dance to something besides endless drum and bass, the artists of Zizek have gone from their own tropical new-school cumbia club night in Buenos Aires to stages all over the world.”Blackbook

“There’s really nothing like ZZK Records anywhere in the world: the avant Argentinian label releases experimental, digital cumbias and other unique interpretations traditional Latin genres; acts as a family, collective and nightclub in Buenos Aires; and, of course, travels the globe.” Fader

Buenos Aires’ ZZK Records officially signed on with Waxploitation here in the U.S., and to celebrate the partnership, the labels have released an compilation of all the label’s artists for free via Soundcloud. You can hear it HERE. If you’re not familiar with ZZK, they’re the label that’s leading the experimental electronic music scene in South America, mixing disparate genres like grime and dance with cumbia and other influences. You can read Fader’s feature on the scene here for some background.

The labels will be jointly releasing the Argentinian label’s catalog, which includes Temor, Frikstailers, Chancha via Circuito, and more. Waxploitation/ZZK will be putting out the debut Super Guachin EP, Piratas y Fichines, today, followed by Fauna’s full length album Manshines on January 10th, as well as Mati Zundel’s debut album Amazonico Gravitante on March 27th. If you’re not familiar with Waxploitation, it’s the label/management company that brought up Danger Mouse, Gnarls Barkley, and Broken Bells, as well as the Causescompilations.

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Musically Amusing’s Top 10 Albums of ’10

Generally I have a hard time coming up with a list of top albums from the year. Probably because there are few albums where I genuinely like over half of the songs. Entire albums tend to disappoint me, especially when you check out a band because of one particular song only to find out the rest of them suck. With that said, this list is serious. The following albums from this year demand your attention if you haven’t given it up already. Oh, and I tried to put them in order of relevancy, but I can’t. Some are easily in the top half, some are easily in the bottom half; but I just can’t differentiate and after 3 tries and the third not being a charm, I quit. (Hahaaaa!)

 10. MenomenaMines

Favorite song: “Oh Pretty Boy, You’re Such a Big Boy”

9. The LimousinesGet Sharp

Favorite song: “Internet Killed the Video Star

8. School of Seven BellsDisconnect from Desire

Favorite song: (It’s a tie!) “Windstorm” and “Heart Is Strange”

7. Two Door Cinema ClubTourist History

Favorite song: “I Can Talk”

6. Broken BellsBroken Bells

Favorite song: (another tie!) “October” and “Trap Doors”

5. JavelinNo Mas

Favorite Song: “The Merkin Jerk”

4. SuckersWild Smile

Favorite Song: “Roman Candles”

3. Wolf ParadeExpo 86

Favorite song: “What Did My Lover Say?”

2. Matt & KimSidewalks

Favorite song: “Block After Block”

1. Girl TalkAll Day

Favorite song: “That’s Right”

 (The back cover is even cooler!)

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Broken Bells Released Today!

Danger Mouse and James Mercer’s collaborative project Broken Bells FINALLY released their self-title debut today.

Track listing: (my favorites are in BOLD)

1. The High Road

2. Vaporize

3. Your Head Is On Fire

4. The Ghost Inside

5. Sailing To Nowhere

6. Trap Doors

7. Citizen

8. October

9. Mongrel Heart

10. The Mall & Misery

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Highly Anticipated: Broken Bells

The Shins’ frontman James Mercer has teamed up with Danger Mouse to form Broken Bells.

As soon as I heard a sentence similar to that, I immediately had to check out the video for their first single “The High Road.”

You can listen to the song through YouTube above, or you can click here to check out the actual video.

(Album comes out March 9th. Mark your calendars and begin the countdown!)

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