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Newest Love: Hotel Garuda – “Fixed On You”


Hotel Garuda’s unprecedented rise to stardom quickly saw the duo establish themselves as a household name amongst the modern electronic music space. Now the pairing teams up with vocal starlet Violet Days for “Fixed On You,” their highly-anticipated return to the star-studded PRMD Music imprint.

Out today, “Fixed On You” is Hotel Garuda’s follow up to their first official release on the label, “Smoke Signals.” The former was a massive success, streaming over 4 million times and charting in the Spotify Viral charts globally, in the US, and the UK. Their newest single is the latest example of their ability to integrate their sound with artists of varying genres. Violet Days scintillating vocal control is on full display, with her tone and texture not being overshadowed, but being accentuated and brought to life in a way that only Aseem and Chris of HG could accomplish. Coming off a series of tour dates at high profile festivals like Coachella, Shambhala, EDC Las Vegas, BPM Festival, Snow Globe Music Festival, + Miami Music Week and having commissioned official remixes for Lana Del Rey, Galantis, BANKS, and Anna Lunoe, it’s easy to see why Hotel Garuda are touted throughout the industry as a true talent to behold.

Hotel Garuda, composed of DJ/producer duo Manila Killa & Candleweather, have epitomized the DIY culture of modern dance music. Scaling the online tastemaker world with an array of remixes and remakes, their versatile sound has continued to beckon attention far beyond the music forums, garnering them more than 25 million streams on SoundCloud alone. Their 4 official remixes & consecutive #1’s on the Hype Machine charts have also seen Hotel Garuda accompanied by critical acclaim from Billboard, Harper’s Bazaar, and Complex.

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Listen: Ghost Hours – “For You”


“‘For You’ is a hazy, laid back California summer kind of song. Definitely inspired by the ocean and California sunsets.” — Ghost Hours

Ghost Hours, the moniker of Southern California’s Ron Fountenberry, is an electronic solo project aimed at creating beat driven melodies with a midnight vibe.

Fountenberry is an accomplished composer who has written music for Apple, Ford, Google – as well as projects for television and film.

Ghost Hours is his musical respite; where he can explore electronic, R+B, indie, and pop terrain freely as his imagination takes him.

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Must Listen: Klue – Daybreak EP


This week Sydney singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Klue is excited to share his debut Daybreak EP, featuring two recent singles, “Hiding” and “So Good”, alongside two previously unheard tracks, “Uh Oh” and “My Friend”.

Drawing on a love of Afrobeat, blazing horns, electronic beats and soul, Daybreak is a cultural feast for the ears and mind. Honoring a vast range of influences from Jamie xx, Fela Kuti, Hermitude, D’Angelo, Bonobo, and Fat Freddy’s Drop, Klue delivers on recent editorial predictions dubbing him as an ‘Artist to Watch’ in 2016.

The Soul and Southern African tunes were on living room rotation as a kid and that definitely shaped me musically and how I create.  Having developed my production skills in the hip hop and electronic world, I feel like this is record is the first time I’ve managed to bring all of these influences together in a cohesive way, and in a way that really feels right.”  – Klue


Written in part, while touring Africa with his band True Vibenation, Daybreak encompasses some of the spirit of the trip. Specifically working with a variety of musicians, be it professionals backstage at a gig, amateurs, even a barber shop group he jammed with on the street. All those moments helped to influence the overall sound of the EP.

“When I got back from Africa I got to work turning some ideas and drafts into what could possibly be a solid record. During this time I was surrounded by great people and was having a really good time. I had some pretty incredible nights out, and I was catching my fair share of sunrises too” – Klue

The Daybreak EP turned out to be quite a huge process for Klue as he set out to do almost everything himself; he wrote, played, recorded and mixed everything on the EP, aside from the trumpet in “Hiding” which was done by his True Vibenation band-mate Moody, and the mastering which was handled by Sameer Sengupta. In the end, Klue had a four-track collection of tunes that he was really proud of, and couldn’t wait to share with the rest us.

“Daybreak is a pretty remarkable part of the day (whether it’s the beginning or the end of your day), and the process of making my first solo record definitely felt like a beginning, and so that’s pretty much where the ep’s title came from” – Klue

Daybreak EP is available now through etcetc music, and Australian fans can catch Klue as he tours around the country throughout May/June, which also includes a few co-headlining shows with Ribongia in Wollongong, Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle.

Klue will then be heading to Europe in late-June to perform at Glastonbury Festival with his band True Vibenation, and you can rest-assured that there will be a few impromptu Klue shows and after-parties happening throughout Europe during that time.

Personal Favorite: “Hiding”

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Free Download (limited time): Golden Vessel – “Never Know”


Golden Vessel returns with the second single off his upcoming debut Before Sleep EP, titled “Never Know” it features the gorgeous vocals and dreamy guitar work of Gold Coast brother/sister duo, LASTLINGS.

Max Byrne (aka Golden Vessel) is a huge fan of everything Lastlings have been releasing over the last 12 months. He thought Amy’s voice was just stunning, and was impressed with what Josh brought to the project with his guitar – an instrument he has never been able to play himself, but loved how well it can work with electronic music, and really wanted to capture that in his new song.

Max went out to Amy and Josh’s family home in the Gold Coast Hinterlands with the basic piano melody/idea to work from. Josh and Max began mapping out the chords on the guitar, before getting to work on the beat and surrounding instrumentals, while Amy sat behind them penning the lyrics and working on her melodies.

“The lyrics for never know came together really quickly and naturally. They’re a mixture of some lyrics we already had written in our books and some new ones we came up with that day. For us ‘Never Know’ paints a picture in our heads of those times when there’s a thought or recollection replaying in your mind, but the memory is so faded and vague that you start adding different conclusions or sides to a story and get a bit disconnected from what happened and what actually happened” – Lastings

“I think I was channeling that beautiful drive out to Amy & Josh’s home into the song; windows open, cruising down long windy roads on a warm summer’s day, through the beautiful lush Queesnland landscape” – Golden Vessel

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Check ‘Em Out: Violet Sands


Brooklyn-based indie electronic trio Violet Sands and have announced their debut EP Strange Attractor set for release on May 6th via Ensemble Records. Comprised of David Perlick-Molinari (French Horn Rebellion), Deidre Muro (Savoir Adore, Deidre & The Dark), and Derek Muro (Love Like Deloreans), the band shares new single “Coming Back” today. Rolling beats swirl with atmospheric guitar-scapes to accompany Deidre Muro’s alluring vocals. She comments:

The song is a journey of reconnecting with inner truth, to acknowledge that you have been negligent of some part of yourself, and that you’re open to returning to the child-like state of the whole.

Strange Attractor crafts a shimmering, expansive, and experimental hybrid that is as playfully lush as it is masterfully produced. Recorded and mixed at the band’s YouTooCanWoo Studios in Williamsburg Brooklyn (where Perlick-Molinari also produced and mixed MGMT’s Time To Pretend EP among many others) the trio blends myriad influences including 90’s R&B, shoegaze, glitch pop and future bass with sci-fi infused cinematic soundscapes and trip-hop inspired dreamstates.


Violet Sands formed around a common interest in creating soundtracks for self-discovery and rites of passage, invigorated by a desire to evoke the beauty and struggles of transitioning from one phase of life to another. They shared breakout tracks “No Matter What” and “Lift Me Up” in January 2016 featuring Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue, aka Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn of Ghost Beach.  The band quickly garnered critical acclaim and developed a strong Soundcloud presence + saw “No Matter What” featured on the Spotify Party Campaign.

With a big year shaping up in 2016, stay tuned for more from Violet Sands.

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Video: Gemini – “Time To Share”


Earlier this month, I posted a link to listen to Gemini’s (Thomas Slinger) new single “Time To Share”, a vivid, verdant electronic pop infused track with intercontinental influence. Now, the UK electronic artist debuts the stunning visual to accompany the track. Shot by Slinger himself during a 3-month voyage across South East Asia, what follows is a mesmerising and transportive video.

Speaking about the video, Slinger explains:

“Given the current political climate of the world – I wanted to share that there are many incredible people, beautiful untouched landscapes and so many positive things happening. Time To Share was filmed over 3 months – My girlfriend and I went on a life changing experience that took place across South East Asia. We climbed volcanoes, explored ancient civilisations, met the kindest people and cared for gentle giants. Each and every moment was magical. It took all of my strength to produce this video but I’m looking forward to shooting more and I’m so proud to finally share it.”


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Listen/download: Night Drive – “Queen” (Perfume Genius Cover)


“The psychedelic original is revamped into an electro-pop monster that recalls U2 as much as it does On An On‘s synthier side. Listen below.”  – All Things Go

It’s summer time again and Night Drive is releasing the second installment of their “Summer Covers Series”. Following last years dark disco Radiohead cover (“Where I End and You Begin”), they’ve now filtered the Perfume Genius track, “Queen” through a dancier electronic lens.

Listen: Night Drive – “Queen” (Perfume Genius Cover)

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Newest Love: Tongues


Meet Tongues, the budding electronic artist out of Glasgow, Scotland. New track, “Religion” is his latest slice of storming synthetic pop, full of driving rhythm and modulated vocals, and is a taste of his fantastic debut EP, due September.

Listen: Tongues – “Religion”

Check out their previously released song, “Colours In The Dark” below:

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Video: Yutani – “Mt. Minakami”


With the release of At The End Of A Day coming late last week, YuTaNi continues his role with the debut of his new music video for “Mt. Minakami.”  Directed by acclaimed visual artist and Montreal native Jason Voltaire (Jacques Greene Live, Skunch), the video is a perfect compliment to the ambient textures of Mt. Minakami, at once soothing and engaging all the same. Examining and tearing apart the relationship between tangible and digital, the sounds of Yutani blend into smooth symbiosis with Voltaire’s visuals as the ambience renders it impossible to tell the synthetic from the organic.

Mt. Minakami is just the first of many peaks in At The End Of A Day, which is quickly finding it’s way into the ears and hearts of discerning tastemakers the world over — don’t miss out on what’s quickly becoming a sleeper hit of the summer.

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Listen: Twin Caverns – “Pyramid”

“Pyramid was actually the first song we wrote together back in 2013 and has since existed in many forms. It was really the catalyst for Twin Caverns coming together and we are really excited to finally be able to share it with everyone” – Twin Caverns

“Pyramid” is the next single to come from Sydney electronic duo Twin Caverns (Louise Millar & Michael Macias), and is also the opening-track to their forthcoming debut EP.

Twin Caverns have a knack for creating chilled, daydream-like soundscapes, and “Pyramid” is proof of this yet again. Blends of delicate guitar riffs weave their way throughout Michael Macias’ intricately arranged layers of electronic beats, samples and percussion, cradled by the sounds of Louise Millar’s hauntingly beautiful voice, as she reveals an emotional tale of intimacy, frustration and the fragility of intertwining oneself with others.

Twin Caverns’ Glass Balloon EP will be available on on Wednesday, April 8th.

Listen: Twin Caverns – “Pyramid”

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