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Check ‘Em Out: Black Taxi


“Blending 80′s art-rock, synth-pop, and a straight up indie rock chug, the band pours these genres together into a giant boiling cauldron of influences and come away with something that takes the best of each and leaves the rest to die by the wayside…” – Beats Per Minute


Click to check out the EP

Click to check out the EP


1. The Runner
2. Gone
3. Can’t Stop Shaking
4. House On Fire [Bonus Track]
5. House On Fire (SoundSAM Remix)
6. Can’t Stop Shaking (Soul Puncherz Remix)



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New Music From The Rebel Light


The Rebel Light has a brand new song called “Jukebox Dream” and here’s what they had to say about it:

“It has a fun summer throw back vintage vibe to it.  We did all the recording ourselves in our house, instruments in the living room, vocals in the kitchen and we are really happy with the way it turned out.”

Listen: The Rebel Light – “Jukebox Dream”

Check out my past post on the band here.

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Brand New: The Presets – “Youth in Trouble”

“Youth In Trouble”  is the first taste of new music to come from The Presets in over four years. The track is a never-ending, undulating slice of face-melting techno. Their new album, Pacifica, is due out in September on Casablanca. After several teasers, the band has also premiered of the full video for “Youth In Trouble”, a crazy kaleidoscopic pixilated rollercoaster created by New York based visual artist Yoshi Sodeoka.

The Presets are also releasing remixes of “Youth In Trouble” by Green Velvet, Alex Metric, plus The Finger Prince & Light Year.  Featuring ten prismatic, synth-laced songs, Pacifica sees The Presets boldly venture into new, uncharted musical territories. Traversing both light and shade in energy and emotion, the album was produced by the band – Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes – and mixed in Los Angeles with Tony Hoffer.

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Newest Love: Holy Esque

Scottish Indie rock band Holy Esque has announced plans to release their self-titled debut EP on April 23.  The EP will be available digitally on iTunes and on CD at upcoming shows.

Listen to the new track “Rose” streaming now here.

The young Holy Esque, whose members range from 19 to 20 years old, formed in early 2011 in Glasgow and consists of Pat Hynes (vocals/guitar), Keir Reid (keys), Hugo McGinley (guitar) and Ralph McClure (drums).   The band began playing shows throughout the UK in less than six months of their inception.  After posting a few demos online, word spread rapidly about the enigmatic band’s intense sonic morass of distortion and atmospheric soundscapes, landing them coverage on numerous blogs and NME’s prestigious “Radar,” who said “HE really benefit from that everything up to ten factor, but also know their way around a riff that kinda sounds like classic Bunnymen played by James Dean Bradfield….you’ll be needing to play this loud.”
In early 2012, Holy Esque entered the DIY Pink Megic Studios built in a flat in the Southside of Glasgow with producer Kevin Burleigh (Glasvegas, Simple Minds, Supernaturals) to record their debut self-titled debut.  Armed with big riffs, thick crunchy bass lines and perhaps one of the most unique, yearning vocals heard in years, Holy Esque meld post-punk and 90’s alternative rock influences with skillful ability on their debut.  Featuring driving indie rock anthems like “Rose” and “Ladybird Love,” the EP is an incredible introduction to Glasgow’s most promising new band.

Holy Esque EP Track Listing:
1.    Ladybird Love
2.    Rose
3.    Loneliest Loneliness
4.    Prophet of Privilege

Holy Esque Tour Dates:
April 20 – Glenrothes, UK – The Greenside
April 25 – Leeds, UK – Nation of Shopkeepers
April 26 – Stoke, UK – Fat Cats
April 27 – London, UK – Camden Barfly
April 28 – London, UK – Old Blue Last
May 4 – Dundee, UK – The Doghouse
May 5 – Glasgow, UK – Stereo

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BRAND NEW: Silversun Pickups – “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)”

Dangerbird Records and MapleMusic Recordings are excited to announce the release of the new record by the Grammy-nominated Silversun Pickups, Neck of the Woods, on May 8. The record was produced by the Grammy Award-winning Jacknife Lee (U2, Weezer, REM, Snow Patrol), and the song “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” is the first single. The band is confirmed to perform from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! outdoor stage on release day, May 8.

Lead singer/guitarist Brian Aubert told Spin magazine that the songs sound “like a horror movie.” He continued, “[2009’s] Swoon was more about what I was feeling at that particular time, whereas with this one, I wanted to see what built me. It was learning why I am the way I am.” When discussing the sound of Neck of the Woods, Aubert told Spin that drummer Christopher Guanlao steals the show. “We really wanted to play with drums as textures. We played around with drums coming in here and there and building atmosphere, which guitars usually do.” But he went on to joke, “I’m not going to let the others have all the fun. It’s still a rock record. We wanted to have moments of explosions like we’ve done in the past, but we didn’t want them to carry the whole song. There’s something a little bit psychotic sounding that we really like and we didn’t want to fill it entirely with big guitars.”

The band will be touring throughout 2012 and 2013.

Listen: Silversun Pickups – Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)

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New Music: Liz Green – “Hey Joe”

Liz is a 28-year-old songwriter from the UK. She first came to prominence in 2007 after winning the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition. She followed up winning that prize with the release of her first single “Bad Medicine” in 2008. O. Devotion! is Liz’s first full-length since then, which she recorded with Liam Watson. She also enlisted a New Orleans brass band to create the woozy, brassy arrangements that appear on the album.

Listen/download: Liz Green – “Hey Joe”

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New Music: AVAN LAVA

The new AVAN LAVA EP Flex Fantasy shows the band in a more high-energy and dance light in contrast to the shoe-gaze chillwave style of their 2010 debut EP Vapors. The self-released six-song EP, mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling, with the first single “It’s Never Over” and highlights “Slow Motion”and “Feels Good” will be available on February 21st. After a sold out Mercury Lounge show, AVAN LAVA added more shows quickly, with 2/11 at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn and 2/25 at Mercury Lounge to preview their EP and before traveling down to Austin for their first ever SXSW Festival in March. Their show has been described as “a trippy MTV Europe Music Awards performance” with energetic sing-along pop tracks and slow R&B-Prince swooners, all while the band’s moves are choreographed by TC and Vanessa Walters (Fischerspooner).

AVAN LAVA have worked as producers, composers and mixers for recorded works and live performances with bands such as Cold Cave, Fischerspooner, CSS, Frankie Rose, SSION, Lemonade, Lia Ices and the prestigious The New York Philharmonic, and have created remixes for R.E.M., Passion Pit and New Villager among others. The band began as a conversation between producers/musicians Le Chev and Ian Pai during an overnight bus ride after performing at the Sao Paulo Bienal with Fischerspooner, a band with which both still work and perform.  That night in the fall of 2008, en route to Rio de Janeiro, Le Chev and Ian shared their love of Prince, Daft Punk, electronic beats, R & B, and indie music and contemplated how those things could all be melded into one sound, one band.  A few months later, back in New York, while at a reading of “The Last Goodbye”, a musical adaptation of Romeo & Juliet set to the music of Jeff Buckley, they discovered vocalist TC.  They knew that they had found the perfect vocalist for their new band the moment he sung the first words of “Corpus Christi Carol.”

AVAN LAVA is singer TC and producers/musicians Le Chev and Ian Pai. Their live performances are with the help of musicians, vocalists and technicians Andrew Schneider (The Wooster Group), Drew Citron and Jo Lampert.

It was like if Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, and the Spice Girls all came together and decided to have a sing/dance off.”Charged.fm

Listen/Download: AVAN LAVA – “It’s Never Over”

AVAN LAVA – Flex Fantasy EP track listing

01.  Tear it Down

02.  It’s Never Over

03.  Pure As Love

04.  Slow Motion

05.  Sisters

06.  Feels Good

Click here to listen to the Flex Fantasy EP Minimix

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Let’s Try Scuba Diving

As he gets ready to put on an unforgettable performance of his album Lillian at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge on October 25th, Ben Lear is sharing a free mp3 of one of its tracks, “Scuba Lessons.”

Lillian is a compelling tale of love, loss, and an underwater adventure with sea creatures and an island made of floating trash.  An activist who has performed at events for the United Nations and TEDx, Lear was inspired to make Lillian a parable about pollution in our oceans after learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a giant gyre of plastic bottles, tires, and other debris floating in the ocean between California and Japan.  Activism runs in the Lear family, as Ben is the son of activist and TV legend, writer/producer Norman Lear (All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son).

The October 25th performance of Lillian will bring Lear’s vivid story to life with an ambitious staging that includes plastic bottle light sculptures (designed and built by Ben himself), costumes, a 15-piece band and orchestra, gospel choir, and projected animation.

Click here to watch Ben construct Lillian light sculptures for NYC show

Lillian is the story of a young man kept awake by the fear that he’s watching his lover, who sleeps soundly in bed, drift away from him, becoming one of the many things he’s lost in his life.  He determines that all the things we lose in our lives end up in an island of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean.  And, in a desperate attempt to reclaim these things, he sets off on a scuba-diving journey to that island.

Lear elaborates, “During ‘Scuba Lessons,’ the diver remembers when he and Lillian learned to dive on a family trip to Hawaii.  It’s a bit of an aha moment when he realizes that’s how he’ll rescue her from sea, by diving to the Garbage Patch.”

Download: Ben Lear – “Scuba Diving”

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Noel Gallagher’s Gone Solo

Photo: Foxtrot Films

Noel Gallagher is back as a solo artist, with his album Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds having a US release date of November 8. The album will have those tinges of Oasis that we all love and miss along with something totally new…experimental ragtime brass. Noel’s also at work on a second solo release for next year, while working with British electronic duo Amorphous Androgynous.

The following is from Spin’s interview with Mr. Gallagher:

Most Oasis fans wouldn’t expect Noel Gallagher to experiment with ragtime horns or dance music.
“In their essence these songs don’t sound like a weird departure. People will still get them. The songs haven’t suffered because of the style. When a lot of musicians change styles their songwriting suffers because they want to be different. I don’t want to be different. I still write great songs, and if I stumble across a different avenue then I’ll go with it. Other than that, I’m not looking to be stylistically different.”

What about your album with British electronic and psych-rock duo Amorphous Androgynous?
“It sounds a bit like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. The sound is similar to High Flying Birds, but more psychedelic and tripped out. It’s not an electronic project. People are jumping to that conclusion because Amorphous Androgynous used to be an electronic outfit. I’m not even sure what the album’s title is going to be yet. I’m just fucking about with the mixes now. When will it be out? In my head, next summer. But if High Flying Birds is a success, then not until next winter.”

After Oasis’ split in August 2009 you weren’t sprinting out of the gate to release an album…
“I don’t live to work; I work to live. Being in Oasis was great, and I enjoyed every single last second of it. Well, maybe not the last five minutes [laughs]. It was nice to get off tour, go home and sit in a chair and wait for the kids to come home from school. I did that for two years. What’s not to fucking like about that? There’s enough music in the world. There are enough rock stars. I would never want to chase fame or success, like, ‘I’ve got to do something or people will forget about me.’ I was hoping people would forget about me.”

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New Track: The Raveonettes “Forget That You’re Young”

Photo: Last.fm

Next month Raven in the Grave comes out from The Raveonettes. For now, check this out: Forget That You’re Young

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